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Your practice isn't just about numbers, it's about you.


Your personality, your medicine, your culture and your clients. What do you want your practice to look like? What buzz words would you like clients and employees to use when they talk about your hospital? What is your practice dream? We'll help you achieve it.  

While the veterinary industry recognizes common challenges among practices, the fact is your challenges are unique to you. This is where we take the road less traveled.


Short term or long term, we can lend a hand to help keep your finger on the pulse of the practice while doing what you do best - caring for patients and clients. Essentially we help you manage your practice.
We start with a simple complimentary Q&A to understand your challenges and concerns. Next, we visit and perform our PRACTICE TPR© to help unlock your practice's potential.
Fee structure varies and is truly tailored to your needs. Engagements are available in any kind of time frame as well as monthly plans the entire staff can take advantage of via email, text, chat and telephone. 
Finding the best way to complete daily tasks can be difficult when everyone wants a say and has an opinion! We'll review your needs and processes, listening carefully to what you feel is working and what needs improvement. Bringing the team together is key in finding solutions as well as creating "buy-in". We can also help update your policy manual and review other key elements for record keeping compliance.
Creating an unparalleled service culture is key to long term success. How can you distinguish your practice from others down the street? Often times it will simply come to down to how you treat your clients. Do you employ common sense policies clients can understand? Do you strive to say yes to a client as often as possible? Is your front desk warm and welcoming? Are your staff's phone skills able to capture that tele-shopper? Reviewing phone and interpersonal skills is something we take very seriously, and will teach you the buzz words we like to hear that give a practice the winning edge in retaining and attracting clients.
Do you take the time to look at practice design or decorating trends online or in industry magazines? Does your staff gently hint that fresh paint and new chairs for the exam rooms might be in order? When you hear those suggestions do you tell them "we don't have the money to redecorate!"? Well we say think again! Your clients notice everything, especially when waiting for you in lobbies and exam rooms. Chipped paint, scuffed cabinets, fingerprints, noseprints, posters from 1998 and stick on decals from vendors promoting rebates all lend to make your practice look tired and unloved. We'll touch on your "look" during our first visit with you.
We'll review your inventory and pharmacy practices and implement measures your staff can keep up with. We'll also "dig in" to other practice expenses to find savings - have you checked into leasing a copier for your front desk? After you review your toner/drum expenditure you just might consider doing so.
We are very familiar with and are believers in the accrediation process. If this interests you too, ask us how we can assist!
Do you work with your team to make it easy for them to say yes to a client? Blending great medicine with client demands for convenience and less expensive veterinary bills can be daunting but it can be done. Be sure to revisit practice policy at least twice a year to be sure you're not making it attractive for clients to look elsewhere for services. 
Promoting from within or considering a hire from outside the industry? We work with staff members you feel are capable of managing your business to ensure he/she is paying attention to what counts. Most internal promotions need coaching and mentoring to lead your team, and your practice to success.
We want as much revenue as possible to fall through to the bottom line! We'll teach you what to pay attention to to keep expenses at a healthy minimum while driving revenue through a variety of proven channels.
Only so much can be done in a day! Burnout and frustration become real impediments to your health and to your practice culture. We'll talk about where you are on the happiness scale and what changes might help improve the way you feel about your practice.
Our service focuses on your values, vision and ethics and how to use these most important facets of your practice to move you forward. Our list here is general, and addresses some of the most common challenges in our industry. Please call or email for more details regarding how we may help your practice.
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Jackie Schletter is a Veterinary Practice Coach that partners with veterinarians, veterinary business owners and practice managers to grow their practice revenue, increase net profit and increase staff engagement in the success of the practice.


After spending a combined twenty-five years leading teams as a business owner and hospital administrator, Jackie is familiar with what truly drives staff buy in, client retention, sustained organic growth and practice success. She partners to help you connect with the pet loving people you’re trying to help and communicate your values back to them.

After successfully managing a variety of teams in Pennsylvania and Georgia, she began consulting in 2014 through her company Practice Positive so she may reach a greater number of practice owners and teams that need assistance.

Jackie attended Illinois State University and Southern Illinois University before she began her career as a business owner and hospital administrator.

Originally from Chicago, Jackie is a Cubs fan, avid golfer and advocate for inspiring workplaces.  She shares her life with an amazing and supportive husband as well as a rambunctious pet family. When she is not working, she is golfing, fishing, and generally enjoying life in Southwest Florida.




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