PRACTICE TPR© is an on site visit to review, discuss and address a full compliment of practice management competencies.  Essentially we are measuring the 'vital signs' of your practice. At Practice Positive our TPR means "Tangible Practice Results".  We will work together to identify what you are doing well and what areas of the practice may need some attention or process implemented. Our goal is to involve the entire team as we touch on a wide field of not just metrics, but behaviors and best practices your team can learn to outshine your competition.

We'll also leave you with our checklist and summary of action items based on what our visit uncovers. We'll touch on the following and more:

First Impressions and Cleanliness

Your Practice Flow

Key Performance Indicators

Client Care Practices

Patient Care Practices

Inventory Practices

Website and Social Media

Advertising and Marketing

Practice Culture (Our Favorite!)

Rewarding Your Team

Staff Meetings

Policy Manual

Anesthetic Procedures 

Laboratory Practices

Fees and Expenses

Your Business Goals

Your Technology

Industry Benchmarks

Professionals Every DVM Needs

Ghost Shopper Results

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